Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa: Stakeholders meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Maasai Cows in Enkaroni, Kajiado Kenya

Maasai cows grazing in Enkaroni, Kajiado Kenya

The morning is grey, people are conversing in low tones and the mood in Ethiopia’s Capital Addis Ababa is sobre. The Ethiopian are mourning the death of their Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. At Wabe Shebelle Hotel, everyone is glued watching the Ethiopian state TV, though, we could not understand Amharic, images of the late Prime Minister were flipped on ETV.

It’s 8:30am, the AU bus picked us from the hotel. As we drove through the city of  Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian flag was flying half-mast. In five minutes, we arrived into the new ultra modern African Union complex- a magnificent work of art, built by the Chinese.We were ushered into the complex and after check in, we proceeded to the conference room on the second floor.

This two-day meeting involving pastoralist delegates from across the African continent aims to provide a clearer understanding of the proposed pastoralist policy implementation framework and articulate mechanism for stakeholder participation. The stakeholders meeting will also validate the draft institutional and resource mobilization strategy frameworks.


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