No More Smoke in their Kitchens

Despite the Kenyan Government”s ban on cigarette smoking in public places, smoke in the kitchen continues to be overlooked-yet it is a killer among vulnerable rural households. Practical Action has been working with communities to highlight these problems and in that time over 300 households in rural areas of Kisumu have turned to fireless cookers and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

For people like Eunice Odhiambo,there is no more smoke in her kitchen since she started using a fireless cooker and (LPG).For many years women like Eunice have cooked on a typical three-stone wood fire-fires that expose their families to health problems caused by smoke. Practical Action has been working with people in these vulnerable communities training them about the hazards of smoke inhalation and looking at alternative means of cooking.
Since her training Eunice has changed her life for the better. She has purchased a fireless cooker and cooks with LPG, which has saved her time, reduced her cost of buying firewood, saved on hospital bills and reduced the smoke emissions in her kitchen. Visitors to her home, including her children who live in Mombasa, Kenya”s coastal city were so impressed they have ordered a cooker for themselves.
“I request Practical Action to keep up with the spirit of helping people especially women so that we reduce the kitchen smoke, which is a very serious hazard in our homes,” Says Mrs.Odhiambo.
(SOURCE: AFRICA NEWS,25th April 2007)

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