HIV/AIDS Radio Programmes – Kenya

The HIV/AIDS Radio Programmes address HIV/Aids issues in the Kenyan pastoralist communities. The programmes are produced by pastoralists and broadcast in local languages covering the Turkana, Samburu and Marsabit districts in northern Kenya.

The project organiser, ITDG-EA has been helping the pastoralists to make and share their daily experiences through radio programmes to address HIV/AIDS issues in their communities.

Communication Strategies:

The programmes aim to build and strengthen linkages between rural, poor pastoralists and sources of information related to HIV/AIDS awareness. The programmes enable rural pastoral communities in northern Kenya to debate issues of their own choice and a producer from the national radio station Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) tapes their discussions.

Questions debated through the programmes include cultural practices, use of condoms and living with people with HIV/AIDS in the community. The vernacular radio programmes targets Maa’-, Nga’turkana- and Boran-speaking communities.

Following the broadcast, the producer asks for feedback from relevant local experts and policymakers, and the material is edited into a radio programme for airing nationally at peak listening time in KBC eastern service for local languages.



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